Double Filter 4.222
as In-Line Filter
In the picture with directly mounted differential pressure indicator (standard)

The filter is used to separate foreign particles from the respective medium (e.g. lubricating oil) and is designed for continuous filtration.

luidtech® filter systems can be flexibly adapted to your needs. This flexibility is part of our design philosophy and becomes your benefit as soon as modifications are required.    Installation in the suction or discharge line

  • In hanging or upright design
  • Designed according to national and international standards and regulations
  • For continuous or discontinuous operation
  • Double filter design (one chamber is in operation while the other chamber is cleaned in reserve)
  • Automatic filter (with automatic cleaning by backwashing)
  • Possibility of scalability
  • Various sieve designs and different filter media can be integrated

- flow rate up to 1000 l/min
- optional differential pressure capability up to system pressure
- safety against incorrect installation
- easy regeneration
- Versions in aluminum / steel / stainless steel / special materials /
   cast iron
- standard differential pressure indicator

Nominal pressure:
PN16 standard and PN40 upon request
Nominal width:
DN25 ... DN65, others upon request
Connection as in-line filter (in-line arrangement)
Grade of filtration:
≥ 2 µm
Technical Data Sheet 4.222
pdf | 895.53 Kb
Double Filter 4.222
as In-Line Filter
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