FRIEDRICHS FILTERSYSTEME GMBH has been an all-round supplier in the field of industrial filtration for almost 50 years.
It was founded in 1975 in Cologne as a family business by Eng. Dieter Friedrichs, thanks to the design of a new patented self-cleaning wire mesh, optimesh®.
After only two years of activity, the company, that required a larger production site, moved to Wassenberg, where it began to design also patented wedge wire supports and slot filter tubes (optigap® and precislot®), mainly used in the chemical industry.
Since the 1980s, FRIEDRICHS FILTERSYSTEME further expanded its range by introducing the first duplex fluidtech® filters, deltaP® differential pressure indicators and products dedicated  to oil mist separation for turbochargers and expanders.
In recent years it has also specialized in consulting and designing customized filter solutions for specific applications for the industrial, marine, energy and mining sectors.

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From the idea to the first series

The origin was the development of a new wire mesh - optimesh® by the founder Dieter Friedrichs. Until today this is the synonym for selfcleaning wirecloth and formed the basis for the establishment of the company optimesh®. During that time optigap® wedge wire support media and precislot® gap type filter completed the production portfolio. After the renaming of the company into fluidtech® and move to Wassenberg 1975 the first „own“ fluidtech® double filter and differential pressure indicators deltaP® were developed.

Foundation of the present company

FRIEDRICHS FILTERSYSTEME GMBH was founded in 1980 and expanded with the first integrated production plant at Hermann-Löns-Str. (1982) and the new product group oil mist separators „Demister" (1984).

2nd generation

In 1996 Andreas Friedrichs joins the company. The first 3D CAD software is used, from 2002 as a 3D volume modeling system. In 2002 the first DIN EN ISO certification takes place. In 2004 the flow simulation becomes standard and from 2005 the static 3D finite element analysis is used for strength calculation and component optimization.

New plant and next investments

The new factory and move to our current company location at "Lothforster Benden 2" took place in 2006, followed by the continuous expansion of the plant, 2008 including the mobile filter test stand for oil mist separators and the new pleating machines, in 2012 in the form of sheet metal production with laser and bending machines and in 2019 with the new glass fiber processing. In order to meet the increased requirements in the area of quality and delivery reliability in the future, the plant was again expanded in the area of production and shipping in 2020.

Change of ownership

Since the end of September 2022, FRIEDRICHS FILTERSYSTEME GMBH belongs to the Italian UFI Filters Group. Hereby, the strategic expansion of the plant with its products and employees will continue in the future.



More than 10,000 different articles in our database with high and long term avaialbility


Our products are used in over 70 countries


Almost 50 years of market experience in the field of filter systems, with competent, direct advice and efficient solutions


8 categories of filter systems: Filter media, filter elements, conical strainers, particle filter systems, differential pressure indicators, oil mist separators, mufflers, special designs.

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Fluent Thinking

Filters from FRIEDRICHS FILTERSYSTEME can be found deep under the earth's surface in mines and below sea level or high up in space and, of course, everywhere in between. This means that the German company is constantly learning about new challenges and using its experience and know how to develop professional solutions. It is not only the media in its filter systems that are in flux, but also the continuous consultancy cycle from analysis - design - testing - production to service, in line with the guiding principle of 'Fluent Thinking'. 

‘Fluent Thinking’ means getting to the bottom of things, without forgetting to change perspective to think outside the box. This is what the FRIEDRICHS FILTERSYSTEME logo stands for, simple and clear!

‘Fluent Thinking’ means:

  • an open eye for what is new
  • the awareness of how to develop new skills from existing ones
  • the ability to identify trends and creatively translate them into ideas and ultimately into performance
  • the patience and foresight to balance future opportunities and environmental protection against short-term profit maximisation
  • the commitment to follow through on this ability
  • the speed and agility of implementation
  • the ability to judge and to abandon less productive paths
  • and finally, despite all the goal-orientation, the luck of the brave

FRIEDRICHS FILTERSYSTEME history is one of constant renewal, which is not only due to individual, prominent personalities, but also to the commitment of all employees, from management to trainees.  


At FRIEDRICHS FILTERSYSTEME, we place an unwavering emphasis on delivering excellence in every aspect of our operations. As a manufacturing company committed to setting the highest standards, we understand that quality is not just a goal – it's a fundamental principle that drives our every endeavor. In order to comply with the quality demands of our customers and to continuously improve our organization we achieved Quality System Certification according to ISO 9001.
This globally recognized standard serves as the cornerstone of our commitment to precision, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. The ISO 9001 approach shapes each of our managing and manufacturing processes, ensuring that our products not only meet but exceed customers’ expectations .


In the spirit of safeguarding our planet's precious natural resources, the UFI Filters Group has made it a paramount mission to preserve and protect. As part of the UFI Filters Group, this aspect is of central importance for FRIEDRICHS FILTERSYSTEME as well.

Our collective efforts are directed towards pioneering research and the application of solutions that embody the utmost respect for the environment.
Embarking on an exciting journey, we proudly present the Corporate Social Responsibility Report of the UFI Filters Group for the year 2022.

This comprehensive report offers an insightful panorama of the Group's endeavors, commitments, achievements, and influence across the Environmental, Social, and Governance contexts.