Essential in pipelines for precision filtration

Conical strainers are essential components for ensuring the cleanliness and optimal performance of your pipelines. Thesel strainers, also known as pipeline strainers, play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of gases and liquids flowing through pipelines. Positioned within the flow cross-section, these cleanable filter elements effectively separate particles, providing a high level of separation efficiency and accuracy.

Despite their compact design, it's important to note that conical strainers are typically utilized as temporary solutions, especially during specific operational phases such as system flushing after welding. This temporary usage has led to the widely adopted term ‘start-up strainer.’

However, the greater pressure losses associated with their installation within the flow cross-section, compared to the pressure losses resulting from the use of separately arranged large filters, means that temporary usage is preferred.

At Friedrichs Filtersysteme, we offer not only standard conical strainers, but also customized solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our conical strainers, equipped with wire meshes, ensure that particles are effectively filtered from the flow, guaranteeing a clean and efficient pipeline system. Explore our range of conical strainers and discover how our expertise can contribute to the longevity and performance of your pipelines.

Conical strainers

Cleanable in-line strainer, plain screen


AISI 316L, 1.4571 - Other materials available on request


Pipeline strainers positioned within the flow cross-section of pipelines

Technical details

PN: 2,5 ... 400, 150 lbs ... 1500 lbs
DN: 25 ... 1500, 1" ... 36"
Other specification available on request
Media: Liquids or gases (non‐corrosive)
Flow: no pulsations
max. occurring differential pressure < 1000 mbar

Filter media

optimesh® wire mesh (10 - 100 µm) made of 1.4401
precimesh® wire mesh (< 10 µm; > 100 µm) made of 1.4401
Optional: Other materials available on request

Working temperature

From -200 ° to 200°C